Why it keeps saying “Unable to Verify App”

Sometimes when you open iSpoofer, you may get a popup message like this:

If you deleted the app and tried to download it again, you probably would get this:


Solution 1: You can always use Cydia Impactor to install the IPA file, just need a computer. (Click here to get the tutorial)
Solution 2: Be patient and waiting for us to fix the issue. After that, remove the old app prior to installing it again via the direct install links. (Usually, the links will be fixed in 12 hours)

Why it happens?

Due to the restrictions in iOS, all of the apps require to be signed before running on iOS. This also protects most of the people from installing malware apps, since it’s not easy to get a malware signed on iOS.
Generally, there’re 3 ways to sign an iOS app.

1. Upload the app to AppStore to sign.

This is the most common way for apps to get signed. Apple will censor all of the apps uploaded to AppStore by developers, once they passed the censorship, Apple will sign it and upload it to AppStore.

2. Sign the app with an enterprise certificate issued by Apple

For the enterprises who want to deploy the exclusive app on the devices of their employees, Apple provides a way to get an exclusive certificate that can be used to sign app without uploading it to AppStore. But, to apply for these certificates from Apple is not an easy thing and Apple revokes certificates when they think it is abused. That’s why they are rare in the market.
Now, when you click one of the direct download links, you are going to install an app signed by an enterprise certificate. That’s why you have to “Trust” the app before opening it. Once its certificate is revoked, you have no way to open it but get a popup message says “Unable to Verify App”. If you have a computer in hand, we recommend you to try the 3rd way below. Otherwise, you have to wait for hours before the direct install links are fixed. Now, I think you know that it is not something we do to prevent you from using iSpoofer. We also can’t predict when it will happen and it’s inevitable.
The other disadvantage of this method is that if a certificate got revoked, you have to remove it before installing a new one signed by another certificate, which also means you will lose all of the settings. Although we provide a feature to export and import your settings, it still inconveniences if you have to remove the old app every time.

3. Sign the app with a developer certificate (Free) – Recommend

Besides the above 2 ways, there’s another way provided by Apple to sign the app. For those who just want to learn iOS developing or test their app before uploading to AppStore, Apple provides the developer certificate for them. With the developer certificate, personal developers are allowed to sign their app and install it to the device of their own.
Unlike the enterprise certificated signed app, the app signed by this way is not allowed to be installed directly on the iOS device. It requires a PC to assist the installation. So it’s not so convenient for those who don’t have a PC in hand. The other disadvantage is that you have to sign the app every 7 days as Apple only issues 7-days valid certificate for the free personal developer.
But the most advantage of this way is that you won’t get unexpected revocation from Apple and you can have the app installed anytime as long as you have a PC and an Apple ID. Besides that, you don’t need to remove the old app prior to installing an updated app which is signed with the certificate of the same Apple ID.

How to sign with a developer certificate and install it?

In fact, Apple provides free and paid developer programs. We only refer to free developer program here, which means you don’t need to enroll the Apple Developer Program ($99/Year).
Fortunately, there’s a famous toolkit named Cydia Impactor which can sign and install(impact) a self-made IPA file. You can download it from their official website.
1. Download Cydia Impactor and Install the latest iTunes on your computer
2. Download the latest iSpoofer IPA from our website to your computer
Tutorial: https://www.ispoofer.com/how-to-install-ispoofer-tweaked-app/