Use the Journal | Return to previous location

Have you tried the Journal option yet? If not, you should. It gives you a handy overview of some of your in-game actions that trigger a cooldown, even allowing you to return to your previous location easily!

  • Go to the iSpoofer app.
  • Tap the menu button.
  • Go to Journal.
  • The top of the Journal will show the Last Action: Pokestop, Encounter or Gym.
  • These entries are shown for the actions below:
    •  Catching a Pokemon
    • Throwing a berry or a Pokeball on the ground on encounter screen
    • Spinning a Pokestop (even if your bag is full)
    • Placing and feeding Pokemon in gyms, or attacking the gym
    • Catching a Raid Boss or throwing a berry at it
  • Check the time of the Last Action  to see when your cooldown was triggered. To be extra safe, cross check it with the default Journal entries in-game.
  • To return to your location with the last action, just tap Last Action at the top.