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Subscription FAQ

Most of the time, the activation key will be sent to your email address in 10 minutes. Please check your email inbox and spams for the activation key. Sometimes due to the payment confirmation, it will be delayed for a couple of hours.
You can also get your activation key via the subscription management portal on the top of the current page.

Please sign in with your account. Go to the library and click your subscription, then you can cancel it.
After cancellation, your activation key will still be valid until it expires.

You can authorize up to 5 devices with one Pro key. Whatever the kind of the device, it can be PC, Mac or iPhone.
For instance, you can authorized 2 PCs and 3 iPhones at most.

If you are not going to use on more than 20 devices, we recommend you to subscribe multiple Pro plan with several gumroad accounts. It’s much more economical than Volume Pro plan or Mapper Package.

Besides that, we provide Volume Pro plan and Mapper Package.
Volume Pro: Recommend for those who has a fixed number of devices. Since this is a monthly subscription, even you haven’t activated it on a device, the expiration date will be counted once you being charged. If you need the quote for the Volume Pro, please contact us: [email protected]
Mapper Package: This package is more flexible for those who plan to add/remove devices in the future. Once you make a payment, you’ll get your device slots according to the price you paid. Every slot can be used on one device for at least one month. So if you paid for 20 slots, you can use it on 20 devices for a month or use it on 10 devices for 2 months. The expiration date is counted separately for each device. So you only need to top up the slots when it runs out. If you want to subscribe mapper package, please visit

Please open the subscription management portal on the top of this page. You’ll find your subscriptions after you sign in with your gumroad account.
Please click “Reset the Key” to reset all of your activation records. You can reset it once every month, so please use it only when you need.

iSpoofer for PC FAQ

  • For Windows 10 user
If you’re a Windows 10 user, it probably caused by the incorrect iTunes version. Microsoft Store was introduced to a user on Windows 10, and it serves as a unified storefront for apps, video contents, and ebooks. As one of the biggest IT company in the world, Apple also submits a new version of iTunes for the store. In order to be compatible with different hardware platforms, all apps submitted to Microsoft Store need to be a Universal Windows Platform app. As a traditional Win32 application, iSpoofer currently cannot support the store version iTunes. If you have installed the store version iTunes, please uninstall it first and then launch iSpoofer. iSpoofer will download a traditional win32 version iTunes automatically.
  • For Non-Windows 10 user
If iSpoofer is unable to work with the existed iTunes, please uninstall all program and components from Apple Inc. Then launch iSpoofer to download the latest iTunes to install.

As spoofing over Wi-Fi is an experimental feature, sometimes you’ll encounter the issue that iSpoofer is unable to connect the mobile device via Wi-Fi.  Please troubleshoot with following steps:

1. Restart iSpoofer.
2. Try to unlock your phone screen and keep it from turning off, then wait for a few seconds.
3. Make sure that your computer and iOS device are on the same Wi-Fi network.
4. Disable firewall(s) on the operating system.
5. [For Windows Only] Run “services.msc” and make sure that “Apple Mobile Device Service” and “Bonjour Service” are both started.
6. Restart your computer and iOS device.