How to teleport safely with iSpoofer for POGO

In order to avoid soft ban or shadow ban, we strongly recommend all trainers read the following guide carefully before teleportation.

What is soft ban or shadow ban?

  1. Soft ban, you will be temporarily stop from interacting with the game. For example, you spin a pokestop but nothing happens or you can’t catch any pokemons.
  2. Shadow ban, different from soft ban, it doesn’t prevent you from interacting with game. But you can’t see any pokemons other than common ones. In other words, there’s no more rare pokemons for you.

Cooldown Chart

In POGO, when sniping across long distances, you have to respect a certain time before interacting with the game server. The further you want to go, the longer you will have to wait. The longest time to wait is 2 hours according to the cooldown chart below.

You don’t have to calculate the cooldown time by yourself if you use iSpoofer for POGO. The cooldown time will be calculated automatically and displayed when you’re going to teleport.

Notice: Since no one can confirm whether the above cooldown time chart has been updated by Niantic, currently we recommend trainers to respect the actual flight/travel time when teleporting. e.g. If you’d like to teleport from NY to San Franciso, you’d better wait for more than 5 hours before open the game.

What is interacting with game server?

The following actions will be counted as interacting with game.

  1. Spin a stop/gym
  2. Battle in a gym
  3. Throw a ball at a pokemon
  4. Use a berry on a wild monster or gym monster
  5. Put a monster in a gym