How to reset/clear the activation records?

If you encounter the following error, which means you have activated the key code on too many devices. Sometimes this could happen after you upgrade the iOS version of the same iPhone or iPad.
Please read the guide below to solve the issue.


  1. Make sure there are no more than the maximum number allowed devices will be activated with your key code.
    Note: The key code would support 5 devices if your subscription account was created before Jan 1, 2019.
  2. Visit our support page and sign in with your gumroad account
  3. Input your account credential. If you lost your account or don’t remember the account you used, please contact our support directly for more help.
  4. Click “Authorize” to allow iSpoofer get your user id to find the key code.
  5. You can find your key code and the expiration date here. Click “Reset the Key” button to clear the activation records.
  6. Re-open the app, it should be activated automatically now.
Note: If you get the following message on step 5, please feel free to contact our support. Thanks.