How to Install iOS App via AltStore

For Windows Users


These must be downloaded from Apple’s site and NOT Microsoft Store.
iTunes for Windows
iCloud for Windows
AltStore Server
AltServer Patcher

Step by Step

Step 1: Download and install the ‘AltStore Server‘ for your OS from the link above. Be sure to uncheck the ‘auto-update’ option when installing to avoid this exploit being patched in the future.
Step 2: Download and install ‘iCloud for Windows‘ from the link above, install, and restart.
Step 3: Download and run the ‘AltServer Patcher‘ from the link above.
Step 4: Select “Custom IPA Link” in the ‘Utility to Install’ drop down list.
Step 5: Copy and paste the following link into the ‘IPA URL’ section.

Step 6: Click ‘Patch”.
Step 7: Locate and run the ‘AltStore Server‘ desktop application.
Step 8: The ‘Altstore Server’ runs directly from the task bar. Find the icon, click on it once, hover your cursor over ‘Install AltStore’, and click on the name of your device.

Step 9: Enter your AppleID and Password.
Step 10: Tap the developer Apple ID and trust it.

That’s all. Now you can launch the app on your iPhone.