How to Fake Pokémon Go Location on iPhone

Note: Spoofing of any kind is not 100% safe, it’s recommended to test it on an alternative account or ask the community how to use it safely first. You can abuse it, but it’s at your own risk.

There are several ways to change your iPhone location for catching rare Pokémon. But the latest ban wave has proved again that Niantic is always updating rules to ban these cheats. So it’s not safe any more to spoof location by a modified client or a jailbreak tweak for iOS. According the community, since iSpoofer and Xcode use the location simulator which Apple provide officially, maybe they are the most safe way to spoof location for iOS users now.

Step 1. Install iSpoofer and Pokémon Go app

Please make sure that you’re using a non-jailbreak iPhone and installed an official Pokémon Go app from App Store. It’s obvious that the target of the past ban wave is modified client and jailbreak tweak for iOS. So if you’re using a jailbroken iPhone or a modified client, there is a high probability that you’ll get a soft ban or shadow ban.
Then you can go to our official website to download the latest version according to your operating system. The trial version has 3 days trial period. You can choose appropriate subscription plan to continue using iSpoofer when the trial period expires.

Install iSpoofer for Windows

Step 2. Preparation for Spoofing

iSpoofer requires iTunes installed on your operating system. If you use Windows 10 and have installed the iTunes from Microsoft Store, please uninstall it first. Then launch iSpoofer, iSpoofer will redirect to the correct version of iTunes and start to download automatically. At the end of iTunes installation, please don’t forget to restart iSpoofer when the installation finished.
When iSpoofer launched, it will detect the device connected to your computer. Connect your iOS device to your computer, iSpoofer will popup a message about unlocking device or trusting computer on your iOS device if this is the first time you connect your device to computer.
iSpoofer will show the details of your device when it’s connected. Since iSpoofer use some technique that Apple did for its App Developer, iSpoofer need to install a developer image into device to simulate location. It’s not very complicated with iSpoofer, what you need to do is keeping your computer connecting to Internet. iSpoofer automatically downoad the developer image and install it.

Step 3. Let’s Catch Pokémon

Most of the servers about Pokémon Go Spoofing on Discord have a channel for publishing high IV Pokémon. For example: . You can join these server to get the location updates of rare Pokémons. Once you get the coordinates, you can go to the location by paste the coordinates in the Map window. Or you can manually set a custom path in Pin Mode, then click Run button to set the location according to the path and speed.

[2018/08/16] Update:
SimReality feature added. Visit here for more details about SimReality.

[2018/07/28] Update:
There is a behavior based banwave going on right now, Android and iOS players who use spoofing tricks received RW recently. In order to prevent account being hit, we add some features in the latest version to make the movement more humanized.
1. Random Movement Speed
When you enable speed randomizer, the movement speed will be a dynamic value around the speed you set. Instead of setting a fixed value in the old version, this option allows it more humanized when you’re walking or running.
2. GPS Drifting
In the actual world, although you keep standing in one place, the GPS locations still impossible to be identical. In order to simulate the real world GPS signals, we added slight drift either when you’re moving or keeping still. The GPS location will drift around the location you spoofed, less then 1 meter range.

All of these updates just make the spoofing more humanized, it’s not mean that spoofing is totally safe. So please lay low and pay attention to the Pokémon GO community to get the latest news. For now, spoofing rucursive via a GPX file has a high possibility of being hit by Niantic, so use teleport spoofing in Move Mode may be much safer currently.

Visit the community to get the latest updates: