iSpoofer for Pokémon Go(Map Developer Version)

The mapper version added 2 Url Endpoint settings on the normal version. So it allows mappers to get the GMO data from the client and make a personal Pokémon Go map. Current Version: 2.3.1-0.135.1 Download Link: Quote for Mapper Licensing How to Get the raw Packets? Input your endpoint url in the settings, then open the …

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Changelog – iSpoofer for POGO

[23 February 2019] iSpoofer for POGO 2.3.1 (0.135.1) 0. Updated to 0.135.1 version(1.103.0 on iOS AppStore)1. Allow customizing the options of the speed toggle2. Added speed toggle and nearby radar button to the shortcuts3. Journal and Last Action will be recorded separately for each account4. The favorites are sortable now5. Required to confirm before deleting …

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