iSpoofer for Pokémon GO

• Adds a joystick for walking around the map
• 100 IV Pokemon coordinates feed
• Spoofs your location and go anywhere (Teleport is FREE now!)
• Real time scan on availability of Gym Slot around you
• Real time Nearby Pokémon/Gym/Stop Radar
• In-game IV Checker

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iSpoofer PC

Easy to simulate any GPS location on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. [How to use]

• Auto-Moving, Support GPX and Speed adjusting
• Manual Moving with a joystick
• Wireless Spoofing

Version: 1.1.5 (2018/08/24)

Version: 1.0.5 (2018/10/17)

Compatible with iOS 8+

NO-Jailbreak Required

Support Windows 7/8/Vista and 10

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Fast & Easy Ways to Play LBS Games

With iSpoofer you can simulate location on your iOS device, spoof to anywhere in LBS(Location Based Service) games without actually moving or walking.
iSpoofer doesn’t modify or change any data in the game, but let your phone believe that it is in totally different place than it will be in fact.
[How to Fake Pokémon Go Location on iPhone]
[How to spoof The PokemonGo (Youtube Video)]

Automation Testing for LBS Apps

Software development practices change over time, so do the testing tools. Although XCode provides testing framework libraries and tools for simulating location, it involves a slight learning curve to use efficiently. Now, iSpoofer makes it quite easier for QA engineer.

No Jailbreak Required

At one time, jailbreak is the only way to spoof GPS location for iOS users. It means bypassing the restrictions that Apple puts on iOS and taking full control of the device. But it also removes the security protection of iOS. iSpoofer is much safer, no jailbreak required. [How it works?]

More Features

You can spoof locations on more than one device simutaneously with iSpoofer.
Also, it supports GPX files, customizing routes, adjusting movement speed and so on.

Plans & Prices

Choose an appropriate plan for you

  • Quarterly
  • Monthly


  • For agencies has lots of devices
  • For more than 20 devices


  • For agencies has lots of devices
  • For more than 20 devices

If you forget or lose your activation key, please visit support to get it back.

How iSpoofer PC Works

As iOS provides location feature for app developers, it also gives the testing approach for location-based apps. In XCode(An development environment for developing iOS app), there is a features called Location Simulation which allows an app developer to spoof location legally. But XCode is only for Mac and it needs some programming knowledge to use. iSpoofer simplified the whole spoofing procedure.

Help & Support

If you need something else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.